We Went To Paris And Asked 13 Women Their Beauty Secrets | BAZAAR x Paris

by admin May 15, 2019 at 2:53 am

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  1. French women are fabulous, always very classy and delicate, the less is more kind. Nothing vulgar in their appearance. I can understand the fascination around them.

  2. when i went to america women would go so glamed up to random places, even to the shop or to the cinema and i thought why would you wear that much makeup, just to be on a dark room watching a movie. why

  3. Why do Americans love this so much? I live in the Netherlands and here all the girls/women do the same thing. Just mascara. Most do nothing at all for makeup. It's really not that special. I'm seriously asking, do Americans like it because it contrasts their beauty routines or is there something else to it? Cause where I live no one really cares or finds themselves chic. It's not a stylistic choice either. Just being quick in the morning.

  4. According to this video, the secret, or a key component among them is simplicity. I've read some comments regarding the beauty of these women, their perfect skin, their glow, their natural beauty, etc., and when comparing eastern vs western diets a lot of what we put in our bodies comes right out through our skin. What we eat in the states (or maybe what's considered the norm) is not nearly as healthy as what they eat out there. Even the school meals are significantly healthier (do your research). I also think the fact that they DO put less is a reason the skin is well maintained. Skin is usually sensitive and make-up products have harsh chemicals. A very small percentage of people actually read the ingredients and look up what they're all about. For the most part, people will go and buy whatever is the hype at the moment circulating YouTube, blogs, magazines. This is not to discount those with genetic material that results in troublesome skin or hormonal issues. Still, I do believe the lifestyle differences among the cultures play a significant role. The glow and texture of my skin is significantly enhanced when I eat clean (lots of greens), lay off meat for little bit at a time, and drink loads of water. It also helps me maintain a healthy weight. So much of this has to do with lifestyle and adjustment… and not to get too deep, but the air as well. The air is polluted as hell. That affects us. So does constant sun exposure without protection. Wear SPF!!! xoxo

  5. Very European, I would say. For me the most important part is the day cream and of course sun screen. Never leave the house without sun screen on your face. You'll thank yourself when you're old.

  6. Well I don't wear much makeup either so I must be French or a wannabe 🙂 but why is it that every American made youtube video on natural or minimal makeup is actually about applying 20 products with a spatula, layers of eyeshadow, heavy black eyeliner and false eyelasthes? Maybe it's because I'm older I remember when natural actually meant hardly any makeup, so it's good to know that is still in fashion somewhere.

  7. Parisian born here: we do put makeup if we are going to gala parties and stuff.
    For the everyday stuff, ugh… Who has the time to put a primer, foundation, baking, concealer, bla bla bla?
    Maskara, khol, tinted moisturiser, eventually blush and you're ready to go.
    For the skincare: it's micellar water, exfoliating sometimes, a mask once a week and moisturiser.
    That's it.

  8. Americans (I can say this, I am one) use so many products and put so much stress of flawlessness that they aren't even approachable. When I see another woman who enhances her beauty instead of covering it with another face, I want to talk to her. Ladies, lets stop this passive-aggressive competition thing. Makeup should be fun, and if you have fun doing winged eyeliner and heavy couture, that's great, but you should try a little of everything. Simplicity is the greatest way to feel beautiful.

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