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  1. Thanks for sharing. The one ingredient I NEVER put on my face is alcohol, since it's not good for the skin. The Tatcha silk cream has alcohol in it….hmmmmm not a fan. The banana eye cream though is one of my favorites <3

  2. I love this ArganLife oil stuff. I am getting ready to order more. I love the smell (others did not); all natural ingredients. It really does seem to make me tan quicker and with a nice golden color. I used it before I go in the sun, and then after for a couple days too! Will buy ArganLife oil again from ebay

  3. Dermatiqe is one of the best skin care clinic in Banjara Hills that provide all type of skin related treatments and also has a wide range of other treatments like hair, plastic surgery, and cosmetology-related services. We have a different type of lasers our physicians examine your skin tone and suggest you with the best treatment that helps in skin rejuvenation and gives you flawless looking skin.

  4. I can’t listen to someone talking about beauty and giving reviews when her eyebrows don’t look alike. That tells me what level of beauty blogger she is and it’s not someone to listen to.

  5. If you're in Australia, Mecca Maxima can do samples of these products if you'd like to try them before spending so much on it. I also do this with foundation shades because the lighting in makeup stores is too warm.

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