Tiege Hanley Review (Honest Opinion/Unsponsored) | Level 3 Skin Care System | Is It Worth It?

by admin August 12, 2019 at 4:07 am

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  1. the eye cream should be dabbed on gently. That skin is very sensitive and is not porous like the rest of the face…I cringe when I see the Tiege Hanley video of him roughly stretching the skin around the eyes when applying the cream. That creates wrinkles. I recently began using the Tiege Hanley products and I really do like them a lot, and they're great value. Previously was using Mario Badescu and Peter Thomas Roth products, which are also great but much more expensive.

  2. My only roblem is they say tiege is the best like no question. But many you tubers say openly they won't be using it again, especially the bigger ones. So it's far from being the best isn't it? Most reviews end with the reviewer either saying they won't be using it or are unsure. After they've just praised it a shit load lol

  3. How long will the eye cream take to remove dark circles under my eyes also I feel like am pm moisturizer makes my face more oily but maybe I’m applying it wrong?

  4. Not to be that guy, but you might want to lessen your clickbait on your title. Considering you titled this as unsponsored, but then had a referral link for Tiege, this is an obvious contradiction. I'm surprised I'm the only comment I've seen pointing this out. If you are being sponsored through the referral link, then just cut off the unsponsored portion of your title. If not, you need to address the contradictions here and now.

    Tiege and Memes friends.

  5. "removes dark eye bags" say no more I'm buying stage 2 right now!! I've suffered from eye bags for my whole life. And blamed on genetics. But I trust your opinion and Alpha enough to try this

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