The BEST and WORST Baby Products!

by admin February 17, 2018 at 2:21 am

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  1. I don’t have any kids but I love watching your videos so I watched this one too and i actually found it entertaining and useful and I definitely learned some tips for when I have kids in the far future. It’s good to just have this info on hand for whenever I may need it so thank you for making it! I could totally see how that 360 cup and zipper clothing would be useful and I definitely learned how bad a teething necklace could be cause that’s something I didn’t consider before. I know my mom always talks about how when I was a baby I liked to pull at her earrings which is really bad because it did rip her earlobe from me doing that so now her earring hole is a lot larger than just a pin prick. Definitely be warned about that though since I notice you always have such nice earrings on.

  2. I just made a YouTube account because family channels like this made me want to share my knowledge in things, especially because I live in NY, young and living on my own. I have watched this channel for a while now and she’s amazing I have learned so much from her.

  3. Yes!!! As an SLP talking to your child is SO important for their language and speech!!! No matter what you’re doing, just talk to your children! You’re right it will pay off! So glad to hear you praise about this:)

  4. Our first baby is five months old, and I've watched your videos on best and worst baby purchases since before she was born! They've helped so much. Particularly the snuggapuppy cradle swing and brest friend nursing pillow. Looking forward to trying out some of your recommendations as she grows!

  5. Britney! Help! 😀 My best friend is preggo and I have no clue what to gift her… I will look for the book you mentioned but do you have any other ideas? She is just super hard to find gifts for and she has everything you can think of!

  6. I remember watching in your baby essentials video that you loved using the Babywise method! Did you find that babywise worked for Carter?? When did he first sleep through the night? My little lady is 11 weeks old and we’re definitely trying to implement some methods!

  7. There is no reason to buy anything to get a baby to sleep. It makes them dependent on whatever you teach them they "need", be it music, a pacifier or a dark room. Babies will sleep in light-filled rooms as easily as they will in dark-filled rooms. If they regularly hear a vacuum cleaner the noise will not bother them. If babies are taught everything needs to be silent in order to sleep they will awaken at the slightest sound. As long as you know your child is dry and has been fed, there is no reason to go into his room whenever he makes a sound. Babies wake often while they sleep. It is best to let them fall back to sleep on their own. Good sleepers are good babies!

  8. Why did you stop making vlogs? I havent seen a vlog from you in a while. Sad 🙁
    Also you stopped putting the little funny clips at the end of videos.. used to really enjoy those

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