Summer Morning Skincare to Base Makeup for Special Days!

by admin August 6, 2019 at 4:18 am

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  1. #EuniUnni… Hi I'm new to your channel and absolutely love it. I try to keep up with all the product you talk about and I just feel like theres so many out there.. I started with kbeauty few months ago but Im struggling to find a good face cream. Any advise?

  2. Hi unnie! Can I ask if what's the first step to do before applying makeup? I just bought the acid duo cleanser by wishtrend, klairs preparation toner, klairs midnight blue youth activating drop, and klairs soft airy uv essence. Is that enough for a base before makeup? If not, what should I add to my skincare? Please help me. Thank you so much. BTW, I have combination skin.

  3. I've been curious abot the Klaire's concealer for a while but now that I've seen it in action….I'll buy it! korean skincare videos are my fav to watch and so relaxing,you literally made my skin better with your tips!Thank you!!


    Also, Eunice, where can I ask Wishtrend what brands they can sell? I mean, give suggestions, cause I’d love to see purito on Wishtrend!

  5. Hi Euni… I am a mature woman and I have melasma on my face ..babies…..I was researching on hydroquinone cream for hyperpigmentation .Do you think this is a safe product?

  6. Do you use any loose or pressed powder after? My eye makeup smudges easily due to the humidity unless I powder a little under the eye (I use a translucent powder). But powder makes any touch ups during the day look cakey. Would appreciate any tips you have!

  7. Euni, when wearing contacts how do you prevent wrinkles? bc I can’t manage to put them on without dragging my eyes, thanks in advance

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