Skincare Routine | UPDATED | 2015

by admin July 2, 2016 at 8:38 am

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  1. So I just saw this and I had to search for this video just to tell you, you might've already tried it but I thought of you when I saw this. Just saw on Pinterest that there's a 5$ dupe for the Philosophy facial cleanser! I started using the philosophy facial cleanser after I saw you talk about it and I think I'm gonna try this one now. It's called pHisoderm deep cleaning cream cleanser!

  2. Just got a sample of the drunk elephant glycolic night serum and am gonna start trying it tonight! I hope I love it, I have been looking and looking for a really great serum, hope this is it!

  3. i so happy that you get that, makeup to make you natural self pop vs so many girls i know just layer and hide themselves under makeup , trying find good skin care stuff that work for you is such challenge that can changes over time and with what you eat .

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