SKINCARE RESCUE FAVES | skin reactions & the elements

by admin May 7, 2019 at 2:43 am

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  1. Hi Rhian! What a great video! The May Lindstrom Problem Solver mask is truly a miracle product. Got it because of you and your fantastic recommendations. I used it for the first time the other day and holy shit! I’ve never seen my skin look like that before. Well worth the $$ in my opinion.

  2. I love your hair, makes me want to cut mine! And have you checked out Wabi Sabi Botanicals? I’m sure you have since you know all the best brands but I find their products pretty amazing and they are cruelty free & vegan of course! Would love to know what you think of them or if you’ve tried any!

  3. Honestly I bought that Problem Solver mask on your recommendation the first time, and it is the best investment. It literally is a problem solver, and I give friends little samples so they can try it before investing because I love it so much.

  4. could you make a video about house cleaning products? ie: your fav laundry detergent, softener, etc… I'm having a hard time finding a good laundry softener 🙁

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