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by admin September 16, 2016 at 5:16 am

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  1. Damn that was loud! Was he trying to wake the dead? Made me jump! Karen, your trying so many products, no wonder your getting reactions.. You have said before about your skin and eyes being sensitive, calm down.. Or your have problems trying to workout what causes a problem.. Your not a guinea pig! Xx

  2. Those U pins for hair are great for updo's.   I bought the Moisture Match moisturiser because of you and I like it very much…I'm usually an Olay girl.  Garnier Moisture Match is very affordable here in Aus. I like this eye shadow on you.  
    Gosh, that knock would cause me to jump out of my skin too, yowzers!

  3. I just looked on boots the one you mean it's not that one, this one is supposed to hold lots of moisture. If you go on British beauty blogger here on you tube she's showing it thanks for your help sweet.

  4. Oddly enough like you, my Skin Perfection Serum (I bought on your recommendation) is coming to an end.  I liked it a lot but have just bought Origins Planscription Serum and also Korres Wild Rose Serum to give them a go too.  By the way I live in London and I know it can be dirty like any City but anti bacterial face wash!!!!!   I had to laugh!!!! xxx

  5. Hi Karen, I've been using that Olay moisturiser every day for about 10 years. The sensitive one is also good if you don't like the scent. It gives me the best base for make-up, so I always go back to it. I like that Blow Pro dry shampoo and also tried to press the top of it first time I used it! I also like their heat protection spray (smells lovely) and I tried their texturizing spray, but it made my hair a bit hard x

  6. Hi Karen thanks for getting back to me yes the hand chemistry but I thought it only came out in May or so the British beauty blogger said when she revied it maybe I got it wrong, but if it is £19 I do this it is pricey but honestly my hands are that dry they are sore even the cream it get from the skin hospital is not cutting it so I'd try anything I must have spent a small fortune over the years on my skin and now anti ageing creams it's never ending lol.

  7. The knock made me jump, that was so comical :)) I hope you find something to suit your skin, just take care not to change too many products at the same time. I tend to jump in like that and then don't know what works

  8. Hi Karen the retonol for sensitive skin would you do a review on it? I just tried one from Paula's choice and because of my eczema on my face my skin looked like a fell asleep in the sun for a week it's bloody killing me, lol I only used it for 4 days so I'm having a nightmare at the moment with skincare so I do now how you feel. Ps there's a new hand cream coming out in May in boots called I think skin chemistry and it's suppose to be really good.

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