SKINCARE 101 ~ How To LAYER Serums & Retinols ~ Women Over 50++

by admin May 15, 2019 at 2:39 am

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  1. Hi my glowing skincare friend!  I have to say your routine does not differ a whole lot from mine,  I also use the Dermedik Retinol 3,5% on the alternate nights, the nights that I do not use my tretinoine 0.1% (which I also seal in with Cacay Oil after about an hour). I also use my serums on damp skin (even my tretinoine). I also use their (Dermediks) vit C first thing in the morning, but I let that one rest for about 15 minutes before I go in with  their Intense Hydration Serum (with Matrixyl 3000, EGF and Argireline – you should try that one for the daytime, its magical!)) OR with the Timeless Matrixyl Synth'6 serum. Sometimes I seal those in with their Copper peptide Serum, since Copper Peptides are extremely effective in binding moisture and other serums applied to your skin.In the evening I often use the Collagen serum or the Retinol 3,5%. That last product is real potent too, one time it even got me to lightly flake at my eyelids and marionette-line area (and I already use tretinoine,  for years now: I have the 0.05% and the 0.1% from Kaysa). Sometimes I even get a mild reaction to the Cacay Oil, but hey, I apply that over my 0.1% tret. so that is using heavy stuff there.I am going to order some other Dermedik serums that I haven't tried yet (their eye serum, not the one you use, there is another one, but it is hard to come by), and some other interesting formulated serums from their line. Yes I have noticed how quickly the serums are absorbed by the skin and how visible their effect are.I am happy to put you – and maybe others who are interested in anti-ageing skincare – on the trail of the Dermedik Serums, since they are not only seriously good, but also seriously affordable. Much, much love from across the pond, from your  European male skincare friend!

  2. Love your show. This was a great tutorial. I do have a question or two about hair. Do you wear your hair down also and how do you get it cut. It looks great up, just curious.

  3. Hi Nathalie! I love watching your videos and have been subscribed for awhile and have ordered some products you have recommended…but I’m curious that I don’t see a link to Montarbo Skin Care or mention using any of his products as I found out about him through you and he is constantly praising you which is VERY understandable. Thank you for you graciousness, caring and mentioning Cody. He really knows so much and love his sense of humor. God bless you!

  4. Wow! That's quite a routine. You have beautiful skin! Thank you for explaining your regime for skin care so clearly to us. This video was very helpful. Do you put these on the backs of your hands, too?

  5. I am just 20, zero experience in makeup or skincare but i just wanted to say that you are a lovely person with a lovely style and i love to watch your content!

  6. Nathalie, could you do a video on the skin under the eyes for older women. That seems to be my nemesis!! It gets sooo wrinkled. Thank you for ALL the lovely videos and lovely coaching and information. Hugs to you!!!!

  7. Merci encore pour cette vidéo très interessante. J'ai deja fait ma commande de
    Dermedik Korean Skincare et je suis en attente de la livraison. Merci et bonne semaine, je like xxx

  8. Hi Nathalie. Your face looks amazing. Could you review some of the drug store brands available here in Canada. It is not always possible to get the wonderful brands that are available in the U.S. Thanks for your great videos.

  9. Hi, thank you for this video, I have just received 3 products from Dermedik and my question for you is can I use the rosehip seed oil hyaluronic acid cream after my Retin A.., I usually follow it with Matrixl S6 and then Cera ve pm cream ( I use micro gel retin a .04% Thanks again !

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