Skin Care Tips & Products : How to Remove Blackheads Naturally

by admin July 1, 2019 at 3:41 am

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  2. I thought this was a bad method, I know it removes the black head but doesn't it also stretch the pore making it permanently look hideous? I'm sorry, I have squeezed out blackheads before only to have ugly "holes" in my nose that are often red and discolored. They are really embarrassing and I have been trying to find a method that will avoid this.

  3. After the did it, the morning after, the blackhead became a bit, just a bit lighter than it use to be, which was total darkness or blackness. It seemed to be workin', try it for yourself. It possibly takes a full week for full effect. I wouldn't know, I only did it once. Got, a bit, well bored the "morning after".

    Have a good day, and good luck with the skin care. T.c.

  4. Sorry, haven't replied in a while. Must've been months now! Sorry about that. Life's just been… *sighs*…

    Yeah, I did. . . problem is, I only tried it once. It went like this, night time, took a hot-hot shower, came out and did the whole "wrapping the fingers in cotton or tissue and gently squeezing or wiggling the debris and oil out of the skin.".

  5. Really? (o.0)
    Q-tips or tissue finger whatever… really…

    Hmm.. naturally? hmm… intersting…
    Will try this in about 30 minutes… this better work. 🙂

  6. nice of this lady to be informative but at least look as though you give a shit!!! she looks so bored and although she has some intonation in her voice its as though she'd rather do anything but this!!

  7. Okay…I was only successful in removing one blackhead from my nose. I don't know if I exactly did this right, I used the Q-Tip method shown in this video. I removed the blackhead a while ago now and I realized the place where the blackhead had once been is now red. it doesn't hurt but I am wondering why it's red? Did I do it wrong or is that supposed to happen?

  8. Blackheads are caused by oil in your skin that gets caught and expands in the pores. Oxidizing from exposure to the air, the oil actually turns black.

  9. squeezing it pushes the impurity deeper into the skin. u probably had puss after squeezing because of this. Maybe u should try pore strips instead?

  10. how do you know when the black head is fully squeezed cause i once did that and the day after i had puss in that area and i guess it got infected cause i didnt sqeeze it all the way so how you know when its fully sqeezed ?

  11. really? i cant belive you asked this.
    its so basic.
    well… you have pores.
    and the world has dirt.
    and dirt goes in the pores.
    and your face has oil.
    and dirt and oil and pores = blackheads.
    simple right

  12. how old are you?
    and do you take the contraceptive pill?
    because my sister got terrible pimples and spots from about the age of 15 and she had to change pills at one point, and within a week, all of her pimples disappeared.

    i wash my face with a flannel and normal soap most mornings, and i'm basically spot-free

    so either your skin is more prone to dirt/bacteria getting in the pores, or it's a chemical thing brought on by something like a contraceptive pill

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