Skin Care Routine (Morning & Night) | SunKissAlba

by admin March 25, 2016 at 9:55 pm

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  1. Quick question do you have sensitive skin? Because I do but I really want to try out these products
    I know these are natural but some still irritate me
    Thank you
    You're such a goddess btw! ☺️

  2. Hi Alba I am a french suscriber living in London and I really really really love your channel! I just have a question can I use a toner instead of a serum in a morning?

  3. I have been wondering about the mad hippue cream cleanser. My skin breaksout if its not thoroughly cleansed. so some cream cleansers work for me others dont. what would you say about this one?

  4. great video!! and happy belated birthday!!!! i love your routine! im trying to go from 70% organic to 100% and im really interested in the face cream you used but its a little pricey. would you be able to do a review on it soon???? xoxo

  5. This may be a weird question but has anyone ever used a good, natural feminine wash for safely cleansing the vagina without messing up your pH balance? Every commercial wash I have seen gives women yeast infections…

  6. i personally hate foundation ,, my skin gets raw n awful looking when i use it, is there a way to making my skin have perfect color toned with out using foundation .. your so beautiful by the way. (^.^)

  7. Your husband is fine with you recording yourself coming out of the shower naked with just a towel on and putting it on YouTube for the whole world, including other men, to see?

  8. Hello Alba, I love your videos! I just recently stopped using proactiv because it is full of chemicals and I want to go natural but my face is breaking out since I have stopped. Do you think this routine is good for me to use? will it make the bumps go away? or are there any other natural products that you know are good for acne? I love you <3

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