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  1. I watched your entire video. Took screen shots of all the products in your description so I'll have the names off all the products when I go shopping. Loved all your tips!!! I'm so happy I found you. I am an instant NEW FAN!!! OH LOVE THE GREY hair!!!

  2. This is not an everyday look. I understand the look you are trying to achieve but it's not working here. Keep it simple with elegance not shimmery and heavy. Also, never use your middle finger under your eyes, worst "tool" to use only use your ring or pinky finger. And one more…start with your eye make up and brows, not your foundation. That way you can clean up your mistakes.

  3. So, here’s my problem. I’m 65 years old. I have very small eyes and big joules that are driving me nuts. I could NEVER use the techniques or colors of makeup you use. I am “corpse” pale! People think I’m dying of cancer or something. My eyelashes and eyebrows are almost nonexistent. My hair is kinda doing the same thing. My niece, who has a salon, said I should just get a wig. It might solve the hair issue but, my face is a whole ‘nother thing. I hate my face! When somebody wants to take my picture (why would they do that to their camera or their eyes, for God’s sake?), I throw something on my head, put a book in front of my face, grab a pillow or some other blocking mechanism. I have NEVER done a selfie, and NEVER will. The only time I look in the mirror is when I’m putting on my makeup……like that’s going to help….not! or if I get something in my eye. My lips are very thin, as well. Like I said, I hate my face!!! I don’t know why I torture myself watching these makeup/hair videos. Nothing helps. I have to work or else I’d never leave my house. How do you fix a train wreck?

  4. oh! My!! GOD!!! I never knew grey hair could look so sassy and sexy!! You have inspired me to just embrace my greys and 'go natural'! Thank you for sharing! Luv, from Oz.

  5. Hi Lisa thanks for sharing your technique for putting make up . I have trouble for putting make up all the time esp. im rush to go to work . Now i got a little edea when I watched your video thank you . I did subscribe you hope to see your video again

  6. that's a lot of makeup to wear grocery shopping. I think the shimmer just accentuates wrinkles. I would go for a more natural eye. You have nice eyes and don't need all of that. Just my opinion you do what you feel

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