Sali Hughes’ No Nonsense Beauty Guide: Morning Skincare Routine

by admin May 8, 2019 at 2:46 am

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  1. Hi Sally! I love this series. I was wondering – I have a lot of makeup and have tried hundreds of different primer/foundation/concealer/powder combinations, but I really struggle to find anything that sticks to my oily nose. I have lots of blackheads, and combination skin, but don't struggle to cover spots/oily patches elsewhere. I think I use decent quality skincare, and of course I always cleanse with a flannel, but nothing has ever really improved my nose and the fact that I struggle to cover it with makeup gets me very frustrated at times! Any tips or common mistakes you think I might be making? Thanks so much! Beth x

  2. Hi, Where do you begin if you want to start wearing make up for the first time aged 40? I had no one to show me growing up and now feel that I need this to make me feel a little bit glamorous as I get older. Thanks

  3. I've been using Clarins double serum. I'm over 50, dry skin. Should I continue with this serum both day and night? Perhaps I should use a different day serum as you mentioned above. Thanks

  4. Sally I would love to know a routine for acne promise skin that's dry/normal. The products I use at the moment dry my skin out or leave me greasy so I can't get the right products? Please help xx

  5. Great video full of useful tips! I use Superdrug hydrating serum after my am cleanse then at night use Olay regenerist serum. Both are great- they sink in beautifully and my skin feels so softy & comfortable after x x x x

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