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  1. I’m so confused( your videos are amazing) but there’s just so much I have literally no money and everybody says different things and I don’t have the money to just try everything out seperately

  2. So what if you use a soap that is PH balance, it might sound weird but my feminine soap is for very sensitive skin and is PH balanced, I really only have a Walmart budget and it's hard to find real natural soaps. And the thing with toxins, I know how to make homemade laundry detergent do you think that will help.
    And how hard is it to afford being a raw vegan. There are not a lot a health food store out where I live. And what are your thoughts on on honey for your face.

  3. Thank you for all of the information. So as for the not washing your face in the morning, do you still moisturize or put anything on your skin or is this all just a nightly routine?

  4. Thank-you! I’m a Mom if 2 girls. I have never had acne until I hit my 30’s. I as well have arthritis. It does bother me day to day a lot of inflammation only on one hand. But I’m just SO HAPPY I CAME ACROSS YOUR VIDEO(s)! I have so many questions but have to go get girls from school. Just thank u!

  5. When I used Dr. Bronner's Castille soap it broke my skin out even worse and made it very very dry. I used the lavender one. I don't know if I just wasn't using it right or if the lavender one in general was the problem. But I also read up on other people using dr. bronner's castille soap and others said it made them break out more but also other swear it's what cleared their skin up. I don't know if I should try to use castille soap again or if I should just not use it again. I just want my breakouts to stop. Any suggestions on how to use it or other's experiences with the castille soap?

  6. Hello, thanks for all of the lovely videos, acne sufferer here too, but just like you, it improved A LOT once I went vegan. Could you please explain how you mix and use the castile soap with the tea tree oil because I couldn't quite understand how you use them together. Thank you. ❤️

  7. Can someone provide me the list of all the items she is recommending. I have RA, Ménière's Disease – severe hearing disorder cause by inflammation, thyroid & parathyroid disease & nodules, and acres all gland nodules.and cystic acne. I am completely deaf in my right ear and have loss hearing in my left ear too. Her videos are great but she talks too fast with my hearing disorder to hear all the products she is recommending. Please provide the list, any assistance someone can provide would be very appreciated.

  8. Hello Cassandra, first of all I'm super happy for you that you could cure your acne in the end and did it all by yourself! It's really amazing that you dedicate your time to share your journey and your experience in good and bad times. It helps so many people around the world.That's very impressive and inspiring and i could imagine it was not always easy. Keep going! All the best for you and kisses from Paris.

  9. It’s so ironic for me that I used to only have very dry skin that caused me to changed my routine. I stopped washing my face in the morning and switched to castile bar soap at night. I started using noncomedogenic oils and even made my own blends that made my face glow so nice. Then I got a cyst, thought not much of it. Then another and another and now I have full fledged adult cystic acne. I don’t let it get me down but it does get painful at times. I know for me skin care is not the issue but it feels hopeless doing it right with very little results. I do use the clarisonic daily which I will stop to see if that helps.
    I know for me it is largely stress related. Naughty cortisol.

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