OVERHYPED / OVERRATED SKINCARE PRODUCTS – Laneige, Some By Mi, L'Oreal, Glamglow ✖ James Welsh

by admin November 14, 2019 at 5:40 am

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  1. I'm with you on the Some by Mi. I got it because of the PHA but the way my skin is, i personally prefer something like the Wishtrend Mandelic Acid toner. I do use acid toners every night though as my skin can tolerate it.

    overhype – probably the I'm From Mugwort Mask (it was £££ too!). I haven't given it enough of a try I don't think, however. Maybe I should try it again, but wash off masks are not hassle-free

  2. LANEIGE LIP MASK IS SO SPECIAL. No other balm or mask works for my lips this is a miracle product. Maybe you were not dealing with dry cracked lips that’s why you didn’t find anything special about it.

  3. Hmmm ,to be honest someone who came from cystic acne from ovarian cysts , the some by mi worked amazingly for me . I guess it just depends on your skin type . I mean some people use only water to wash their skin and it looks clearer than mine because it just works for their skin. Some products that were terrible for me actually worked so well on other people that I gave the products to . I mean it’s all trial and error 🙂

  4. I bought a jade roller not because of its supposedly "healing powers" and other things it claim. I simply loved the feeling of using it to massage my face. Relaxing! Then again, it's expensive and not really needed. lol. I'm just extra. haha

  5. I used to have the same opinion on the Laneige lip mask and couldn't justify the price UNTIL I took accutane that completely destroyed my lips and this mask was the only reason I didn't wake up in the morning with blood all over my pillow case because my lips broke again. Also no idea why but when I did pack up a lot of lip balm during accutane they just made my lips more sensitive and all the skin to break while Laneige actually helped my lips.

  6. The black L’Oréal is actual really worked for me I have dry combo skin and I got to a point we’re my nose was breaking out and I never get breakouts so I tried loads of things to to get rid and nothing worked but this I put it on once and the next day all my spots were gone now if I get a spot I put in on and the next day it is gone

  7. It would be much easier if you would mention the products in the description box. I wanna know beforehand which products you are talking about. Otherwise it becomes irritating to go through entire video.

  8. I have a quartz roller (a good one with real quartz), but I don't use it… I feel like I made a bad investissement for a gadget. I am disapointed and don't want to take the time to clease/use it everyday if it doesn't worth it :/

  9. That lip mask is a waste of money, I have really dry lips in general, so I really wanted something to change my lips. It was the equivalent to slipping on gloss at night and waking up dry and flaky. Lol so Now I just scrub my lips at night.

  10. I love putting my roller in the fridge with my sheet masks and using it to pat the remaining serum of my masks. It's just so cooling. BTW, I don't think jade rollers are made up of real jade. Real jade is very expensive. One small piece of jade can easily cost half a grand.

  11. I really like the some my mi toner but I only ever use it once a week max. I have very dry skin and it’s gentle enough for me to use. I totally agree with the Laneige lip mask being over rated though, I find it’s a bit too watery for my liking. The best lip balm I’ve ever used is the by terry balm de rose, it’s ridiculously priced though! Only ever used it because I got it as gratis when I worked for a makeup company.

  12. for me the laneige lip mask felt nice but as if it was sitting on top of my lips rather than moisturising them deeply, and when i woke up my lips would always be super dry. it seems like it’s worked super well for lots of people! but not for everyone.

  13. Chanel skincare is the most hyped product ever!! Omg i don't understand why do people pay an exorbitant price for alcohol and fragrance packed in a bulky unhygienic glass jar packaging!!!!!

  14. I’ve actually been really interested in the miracle toner and that’s why I clicked on this video to get your opinion on it. Do you have other suggestions for a different AHA BHA toner/product instead??

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