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  1. Hi Dr. Dray I found out about you few days ago and been keep watching your videos all this weekend. I really enjoy your product review and tutorials! Could you review any of Etude House’s Soon Jung product? They have toner, cream, and few other things in that line. I personally like it. It is not irritating on my sensitive skin. But I just wonder how your thoughts are! Thank you

  2. When you were talking about happiness, I felt like you were talking directly to me! That was awesome and very relevant to me. Thanks for doing what you do and sharing your knowledge here on YouTube!

  3. How was your experience with the neutrogena oil free sensitive skin moisturizer?
    I was using the Olay sensitive moisturizing lotion but Olay has seemed to reformulate their lotions lately and a lot or people are getting hives and rashes. I gave the cerave pm a try but it irritates me as well. I also tried the cerave cream as a face moisturizer and it did not go well at all. So was the neutrogena sensitive moisturizer any good? Is there anything else you can recommend if not? Preferably without spf

  4. I have 'found' you very recently and I can't thank you enough. You are not just good for my skin but also my life in general. I hope that event helped you make your life a little better.

  5. Dr. Dray, you are a beautiful person and a joy to watch. I just found your channel a couple of weeks ago and I have been watching your videos every chance I get. I watched this one tonight and really enjoyed this one. It really hit home with me. My husband & I lost our only child, our son, Jesse on August 23, 2016 in a tragic car accident. He will forever be 21. It's been a hard journey but we are making it. We are slowly finding our happiness again and I realized our thoughts, things we say and the things we do are becoming "in harmony" like you quoted. I've been told that journaling is very therapeutic and that I should try it. I may just do that. I love all of your videos so far but this one just spoke to me. Blessings to you!

  6. New Subscriber…I have so much catching up to do I am trying to watch most of your blogs in 2 day. , love your personality and Thank you for sharing your expertise with the rest of us. Greetings from Dallas Georgia.

  7. OMG, Amazon had jumped the price on Hada Labo Tokyo Skin Plumping Gel Cream to $47!!! I bought it there before and the price was $18. What the heck?! Target has it at $18.

  8. If you stop using adapalene will your acne come back? Or will your skin have been permanently changed? Would it be possible to use it less often once desired results are achieved?

  9. LOL @ your mini Cetaphil cleanser rant!. I really like the Neutrogena Creamy Cleanser. Must say, it really has been a game-changer for me to learn that water is an irritant to my skin. Better late than not at all!.

  10. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! Have gone out and have bought a bunch of skin care products that you have recommended without braking the bank including differin, can't wait to see results! Aside from skin care, I'm a full time student and was wondering if you have any tips for staying motivated and getting good grades, I have 2 years left for getting my Bachelor's and am feeling a little burned/stressed. How did you do it?

  11. Thank you Dr. Dray! I just started following you and have been binge watching your videos. I’m hoping for some relief on my face due to being prescribed wrong medication. Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Blessings

  12. Hello Dr.Dray, Hope you are having a great day. I’m just wondering if I should give my face a break from Differin some days a week. Can it be potentially bad/dangerous to use every single day?

  13. Do you like the etude house soonjung 2x barrier intensive cream? Do you put it on before differin?Can you direct me to the video where you talk about it please?

  14. I don't comment on videos much but i had to say how much i've enjoyed your informative videos. I been binge watching your videos for the past two weeks lol. You have totally changed the way i view skin care and i've learned so much from you about products and actual beneficial indredients. Thanks so much!

  15. Thanks for another great video! I purchased the Neutrogena creamy cleanser, but *it burns*. Has anyone experienced this? If you have, what do you use that doesn't burn? I cannot for the life of me figure out which ingredient in it is causing such a reaction, it seems so benign. I tried using it on/off for a week and the burning just got stronger. 🙁
    Maybe I'll try the cerave or something before the hado labo arrives from Japan. (in like a month!)

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