Natural Skincare Routine

by admin March 31, 2016 at 11:59 pm

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  1. Do you still this routine? I'm curious how honey is working for you. My skin, I'm finding, is so sensitive after having kids. The combo parts of my skin became more opposite of each other. Super dry, sensitive cheeks and super temperamental T-zone. I use pumpkin oil on my T-zone and heavy shea butter/oil mixes on my cheeks. Geesh! Anyway, I LOVED honey for awhile and then I got little red bumps all over my face 🙁 Have you found any other cleansers you like? Thanks.

  2. I learned so much from watching this video, especially about jojoba oil. Love that most of the things you use are oil, honey, essential oils.  I don't like the chemicals in facial products, even the "natural" or "organic" labeled ones.  Thank you.

  3. This is great! I never thought of using jojoba oil as a cleanser. Great tips! I found your site through Heidi (While They Were Napping). 🙂 I'm the one whose house she was at for the birthday party before you guys met for dinner. Glad to find your channel! :)

  4. Thank you so much for this. I've been wanting to simplify my routine and use more natural products. All of the videos I've watched have been so complicated and used such expensive products. I love this!

  5. Great haul!! andalou natural products are miracle for the skin. i use to use jojoba oil not worked for me so i switched to andalou Moroccan rose oil and OMG what a difference in my skin it glows clear and dewy !!!

  6. A spray toner sounds awesome! I had no idea that hot water can cause the skin to produce more oil. Hot is an understatement when I wash my face and take a shower. Scolding is more like it. Oops! 😡 I'm also amazed that it's still bright out when you're taking your makeup off. It's usually after 12 AM for me, LOL.

  7. I have used honey as a mask, but never thought to use it as a cleanser! I am definitely going to check out that serum. I have been looking for a good natural one that will help with my scaring. 

  8. This was so great Jess, thank you so much for sharing. I recently bought clove oil from Enessa that is supposed to be great for cystic acne and so far I think it has made an improvement. I used to cleanse with raw honey myself but for some reason I went away from it, maybe I should go back :)

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