My Winter Skin Care Routine

by admin May 15, 2016 at 4:50 am

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  1. I am a night owl …. Mainly because I worked nights for several years so it wasn't really by choice! I think I used to be a morning person when in school but then half way through high school my brain disorder went from a manic-esq kind of functioning to a more depressive functioning. A little tmi I'm sure but I watched your depression/anxiety video as well, you certainly are not alone in that.

  2. Wow people are so rude. She isn't hiding anything. She stated that this video is sponsored. If you've watched Kalyn you know she's a genuine person. Gurus are sent products to review them. She did, and no not all the products she uses are completely full. I actually didn't see one. She's only had these for 1-2 months they do not go that quickly. Also the one that is in a package (razor) she probably showed the unopened one so we could see what it looks like instead of one that she has been using. She spent time on this video and did an amazing job. People are so quick to judge. 

  3. I'll admit, I gasped when you said you use a makeup wipe in the morning to get off any residue and it was covered with makeup.  Yikes!  

  4. Kalyn, people have no right to be giving you flack about having a sponsored video! As a huge fan of your videos, I could care less if Olay/Venus sponsors this video. In fact, I'm happy that you're sponsored by such a huge company! It means that you're bringing in the cash, which is definitely NOTHING to be ashamed of. By the way, you looked so beautiful in this video and your skin is absolutely flawless! 🙂 

  5. Just speaking from personal experience..if you're using a spot treatment on a breakout, you shouldn't put the tip of the tube directly on the breakout. If you put it in direct contact with the pimple, it catches the bacteria with them you move around your face, which can cause a bigger breakout problem. 

  6. I used Olay total 7x for 5 years and it is nothing but an expensive moisturizer,does nothing good for your skin! Plus Olay is all tested on poor animals! Stay away from that brand.

  7. Also if your looking for any products to put that moisture back into your skin dove is the way to go their products are SOO cheap. And im a person who also has dry skin and im telling you their products are magic!! Their so refreshing and they smell fantastic you could find their products anywhere too! 

  8. Since you seem to have really dry skin as you say. Cause your skin looks really good and moisturized not to sound creepy but you should know that foam is really bad for skin it drys it out and tightens your skin I recently learned this on the lush website. And their right mostly foam with alcohol too. So that bath and body works hand soap that so many people have yeah BAD! My mom was buying thay for years till I finally discovered that foam was bad and we stopped. Everytime I would use their handsoap or the soap at school I would have to use lotion right away cause it would rob my skin of moisture. And the olay fresh effects I was ao excited when I got that for Christmas!! But it too contains foam and I noticed that even though it smelled really good and I did feel fresh and clean my skin still felt dry and tight so its just sitting in bathroom. So a lot of products contain foam especially the ones youtubers talk about! So just watch out for foam!! 

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