MY MORNING ROUTINE – Skincare Secrets From A Male Model

by admin September 10, 2019 at 4:57 am

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  1. Hey Weston, thanks for the recommendations. Just got the Emu oil delivered. But how do you manage it to apply the oil on your back? Are there any gadgets? Do you exfoliate your whole body twice a day?

  2. Okay, I have a stupid question. I periodically use an exfoliating body wash by Neutrogena. I plan on getting my first tattoo soon. I’m assuming since you/he has significant tattoos, they are not negatively affected by the exfoliating?

  3. I had just done research on this Emu oil and in these reviews they talking about it like it is the best thing since slice bread, like it is the best thing since Nike Airs came out, like its about to cure cancer o su thin hahahahahahaha remember back in the days when your mother thought robitussin o vicks was the answer for everything, na to them it is Emu oil hahahahahahahahahahaha it is like a god to them hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaha

  4. Hey I previously left a comment and re-read that and saw a notification that you replied to it and then checked my comment and you deleted it . I’m really sorry I sounded mean and I feel terrible , we are humans and make mistakes and I didn’t mean to make you feel bad..Again sry

  5. Hey Weston, awesome and helpful content. I have a question, i wanted to check out your skin products on because im from Germany but cant buy them because they can not be delivered here. Is there a way to get them in europe?

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