MY MORNING ROUTINE 2019 | Healthy & Productive Lifestyle | Alex Costa

by admin August 13, 2019 at 4:08 am

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  1. Guys wanna your opinions
    Am Going to a lot of classes with my friends (more than 30)…. Winter is coming in my country and i went to these classes in the morning so wanna buy a cheap remarkable fragrance that lasts long (for like 6 hours) so tell me which is the best and suitable for me??
    Ck one shock
    Nautica voyage
    Cool water
    You can add any other fragrance but cheap..

  2. I stopped watching as soon as I saw his alarm was titled “get it” lol just set an alarm, you didn’t even read it in order to inspire you and plus looking at your phone isn’t good for adjusting your eyes nor waking up your brain, this guy is an influencer not an inspirer.

  3. Very inspiring! I’m a RDA and I tend to sleep in the last minute before going to work but I really need to start waking early and be more productive with my time/life lol thank you for this video!

  4. Hey alex i liked your all content and your work and ofc your social media game. So this is out of the box question i am asking . Can you please show me how you prepare your strawberries blueberries coffee and shakes?

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