My Morning Routine!

by admin February 18, 2020 at 7:42 am

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  1. I Love the way you love your dog. I have two (one we got from shelter last year – lost one eye because of some "human") and I do too love to cuddle in the morning with my boys in bed. You are an amazing person, started watching you 2 days ago. And so beautiful. Can you please make A video about that journal?

  2. I've never met anybody with my name before. I stumbled upon your videos as I'm researching some decorating ideas for my family room. Now I'm binge watching them and writing down ideas. Nice to meet you Sharrah, my name is Shara. Great videos!

  3. Hi I’m new follower I’m I’m redoing my office which is in my bedroom only and double bed small and round marble table 112cm (aus) need more and a chair love yours where is it from pottery barn

  4. This was so great to see! Makes me realize I need to take more time in the morning to pull myself together without any guilt! You really are beautiful inside and out.

  5. I LOVE that you're not a 'make-up guru' and did this!!! To me, it shows what most real people actually do in the mornings. Thank you, also I just stumbled upon your decor videos and now I'm obsessed!

  6. 100 percent pure is a great all natural and organic company for all beauty supplies. i love it, i worry about all the chemicals in the stuff you use, have you ever considered taking a more holistic approach to self care? check it out, they may even sponsor you!

  7. thank you for loving Jesus. I am so glad that a Christian like you is so bold to tell the world about your faith. I want to become an interior designer and now that I know that you are a Christian, you are definitely my rolemodel and I hope to be like you some day.

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