My Morning Healthy Skincare Routine 2016

by admin September 8, 2019 at 4:37 am

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  1. Your vitamin c serum is awesome. My latest find is fermented rice water. It smells horrendous and works amazingly! My face is smoother than a baby, despite the winter winds. I put organic rice in a jar, rinse it twice. Fill the jar of rice with Evian . Leave it to ferment for 48 hours. Transfer it to a spray bottle and spray it on y face and neck several times and pat. It works better than expensive serums from Clinique and Korea

  2. I would like to mix vitamin c, a and e in wheatgerm to aloe Vera gel and distilled water to make a serum. Please could suggest a good source for retinal vitamin a. Would this be a good mix, what proportions would you suggest? Thank you

  3. I'm so thrilled I found your video's! I'm 52, and I'm really showing signs of aging around the eyes! Dryness, dark circles, and under eye puffiness especially in the morning… yuck! 🙁 could you please share some great products for around the eyes.

  4. Im sorry but whywould i ever take adive from you? You look really old and try to hide it by using makeup. Ive seen korean skincare videos thousand times better than western ones why are you always lying about skincare to people! Trying to make everything fancy and specia when people can just use organic oils and pure hyaluronic acid……….. but nooooo you must try and advertise brands that are well packaged so it looks special when in reality the ingredient lists are very easy to come by and sometimes cheap………….You known damn well im telling the truth. If peole really wanted, they can mix gltcerine with some floral water and use that to moisterize their face and even body. And it works for every skintype as it does not contain oils. You are really full of it to be honest with all your crap……I mix my own whipped shea butter and add a bunch of organic oils and essencial oils put it in a jar and use it as an exclusive overtop a vitaminc c with hyaluronic or at night i put on tretinoin and then my shea mix ………If you put on an oil on top of your wet face, that works as a mositerizer. It traps the water into the skin as the oil forms a barrier and also the oil adds elasticity, nutrients, smoothness and so on….all things water based moisterizers hardly do. Skin has the biggest affinity to oils. Oils work better and go deeper than any other moisterizer and dont evaporate off the skin. All the top brand skincare items have some sort of oil blend……….And when you do get some results from those products its usually becuase of the main ingredient oil. You can use rosehip oil as an all round antiager, brighter and even anti acne cuz its so light and makes the skin shed faster. Most organic oils are so cheap and last for ever! Also by the way the only thing that is approved for anti aging by the FDA is tretinoin. And apart from tretinoin all sort of acids like glycolic and tca work also…..The rest of your skincare should be basic. Cleansing, exfoliation (chemic/mechanical by clearasonic), hydrate or use oil, tretinoin, and glcycolic acid lotions or weekly peels. Red led and infrared light treatments can be added.

  5. Sophie, you look amazing. I don't know how old you are, but thanks for the great tips! It's obvious that you have had some work done, like eye lift and Botox. But your skin is glowing!

  6. Hi Sohpie!! You look beautiful!! And, this looks like an incredible line-up! I just recently learned that I'm allergic to pineapple (bromelain), often found in skincare, but it doesn't appear that these products have this ingredient. If for some reason, I missed something, please do let me know if you can recommend any alternatives.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for all the research that you do for us to have the best, green, animal-friendly, healthy products! I LOVE your channel!!!

  7. Hey Sophie! I hear that probiotics are making their way into skincare and I was wondering if you a) think they are beneficial to your skin and b) how could we incorporate them into our diy/natural skin care?
    Thank you so much for your channel! It is such an amazing resource…and I just ordered Do It Gorgeously! I can't wait to get it!

  8. Hello Sophie ,
    I realized that the AHA Nonie of Hollywood is an amazing product using ONLY fruit acids and ingredients you can pronounce . Since it has AHA it will be a great cleanser for both morning and evening , plus their AHA day moisturizer . I'm a little concerned about the ingredients I read in Indie Lee product like Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin . I will use my vitamin C in the morning and retinol at night , plus a glycolic peel once a week . I hope that improves my skin 🙂 Thank you for all your help Sophie . I hope you have a beautiful day .

  9. Hello Sophie,
    My name is Monica Law. I just saw your evening routine. You mentioned the 2 step cleanse and one with AHA. Can I use the go pure vitamin C cleanser same as morning ? or a different one in the evening with AHA?

  10. I LOVE that you don't suggest putting 50,000 chemicals on your face every day like most of the other YouTubers suggest. Your liver has to process all that stuff! Not to mention the animal cruelty that STILL sneaks in there. Grrr… It is SO refreshing to have a sane voice, and a beautiful heart, to learn from. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 🙂 xx

  11. Okay Sophie…So I have been checking out a company called "MICHEAL TODD" it is suppose to be an organic skincare company although through research and reading his ingredients, some of his products I would not put on my skin. Have you heard of it? Could you PLEASE! PLEASE, PLEASE tell my your thoughts and opinion on this skincare company. I have been really interested in his Charcoal gel facial cleanser and a lot of the products do say the Percentage of how "ORGANIC"  they are…Thank you so much! Emily

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