My Favorite Natural Hair Products 2017 – Naptural85

by admin June 6, 2019 at 3:16 am

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  1. Any lady out there with low porosity hair…did the 3-n-1 Maine Choice conditioner and the SM deep conditioner mask work? I basically gave up on SM, except for the JBCO shampoo. Thanks to anyone who can answer…

  2. My hair is in protein sensitive I found today the hard way. And the coconut has that in it doesn’t it? Also will you ever sell your African black soap shampoo naptural????

  3. Can someone please tell me, is the shea moisture line good for 4b 4c low porosity hair? Because i don't really feel like buying anything without having another person's opinion( obviously i will never know until i try).

  4. Naptural85-You have the BEST videos on Natural Hair tips and you back up what you are saying with beautiful hair, thank you so much for sharing. 🙂

  5. Finally got around to trying the shea moisture high porosity mask and my hair absolutely loves this! Thank you for this recommendation. I didnt even know my coils could be defined until I tried this.

  6. Can you do a video for men I dont know what's going on lol i dont knoe about any of this stuff and the stuff I'm using seems to not be working for my hair and beard

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