my college "I'm stressed, send help" routine (skincare, tips, & more)

by admin June 3, 2019 at 3:11 am

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  1. Why i need help, 4 people Diego Garcia, Eli Elliot, Gavyn Risner, and Jace Marquez. I'm fat I know. But that give all of them absolutely no reason to call me fat, Fattie, and Fadison those are not nice names and I want to die but o whelp i have good friends who are there for me when im down. thats my story. Duces

    insta: creamy_chicken_nugget
    with love Madison <3

  2. Your roommate seems really disrespectful, so be rude bitch open the lights do your shit it’s not just her room you also have a tongue!!!!!

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