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by admin April 2, 2018 at 2:56 am

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  1. I think she's kind of liar. I mean maybe she's a good person but she trying to show her perfect life so much. I just don't wanna to sympathize superultraperfect human who eats only megadiethealthy products. I would want to see real Miranda who has limitation and time from time she likes just watch favorite movies and eat chocolate or burger.

  2. i think its totally realistic, i grew up in a family who really appreciate fruits and veggies, if u get used to fast food, it doesnt mean u can criticize people who loves healthy food. i totally love healthy food, good for u Miranda.

  3. You wanna buy "Pasture Raised" eggs, not just egg cartons that say "Free-range, because Free range can be misleading & just be cage-free in a warehouse. make sure it says "Pasture Raised & chickens get sunlight & allowed to roam outdoors & eat real bugs.

  4. Celebrities say such weird incorrect stuff and people believe it. Where do they get their facts from? Goats do not have 1 stomach, they have 4 compartments as they are ruminant mammals just like cows for anyone about to switch to goat milk lol. Also, Ghee, is just butter.

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