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  1. i have genetic dark circles, i wish there was a cure for it but there isn't because it's genetic so it's permanent. my dark circles are 5 shades darker than my light skin tone so they stick out A LOT :((

  2. Hi Kim, I've been watching your videos since last two years ago and I really enjoy it a lot! 😀
    Are those Nintendo games behind you? And does your fiancé use any skin care products? Maybe you can make a video for male fans too 🙂 ~ Love your videos

  3. Be careful putting some skincare products in the fridge! A lot of them say not to store them below a certain temperature because it can cause the ingredients to degrade which will make the product less effective

  4. I love sheet masks, but when I found out how wastefull they are and that they were non environmental friendly, I decided to stick to common face masks.
    But I love K-Beauty and skincare.

  5. Hi i was wondering for cleaning under the eyes with toner, doesnt that sting even a little bit? Also I'm using the COSRX toner in the round pad so they're already soaked in premade pads. Can I put the package in the fridge too?

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