Kim Kardashian West’s Skincare Routine: We Tried It! | People

by admin September 7, 2019 at 4:53 am

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  1. Why would anyone want to be a fucking Kardashian. Why do people even idolize those whores. They don’t have my respect or interest at all. Why can’t people choose to idolize or follow celebrities who actually worked hard to become a celebrity and have a reputation. This world is so fucking sad man.

  2. I wish you would redo this video. The quality is so bad I had to keep checking if my it was my eyes or this. Never seen a video this bad quality. Ugh

  3. Sometimes you can find really great products at TJ Maxx, Ross, or Marshall's when I find what I like I buy as much as my budget allows and I actually use about that many products if you want the glamour, beauty, and look of a celebritiy you got to do the work.

  4. they should have asked a millennial to film this, we know what we are doing.
    Plus this potato started with one pimple under her eye and at the end she has 2 so wtf
    I think that the footage of those 2 weeks was such ass that they edited it all out.

  5. the problem is that they get ugly people who know nothing about quality videos and beauty and give them these AMAZING opportunities to live like kim and kylie, and they are ASS at them. So fuck off to the producers

  6. I love the idea and I enjoyed the content, but one thing I would like to ask for is better camera quality. It seems like she is filming on her phone, which would usually be fine but there seems to have a film around it? Makes the video a little less enjoyable to watch. Just thought it'd mention one thing! But overall i enjoyed the videos content!

  7. thanks for posting this!!! if you had to pick your favorite products that you absolutely couldn’t live without, out of all of these, which ones would you pick.!?? in other words, which ones are your favorites?

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