How To Have Clear Skin | 6 Simple Skincare Tips

by admin March 8, 2016 at 5:06 am

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  1. Aaron Thanks A lot I have been following you a lot specially after my breakup and you made me feel empowered I am really thankful to that!!And I left smoking too 15 days ago after watching this video and now my teeth's are also Great all thanks to you.

  2. i liked the tips above but u know more over i loved the way he explained it.. not everyone does it.. its kinda mixture of professional and casual attitude with a caring tone in it.. thank man god bless u..

  3. Clean and moisturize, definitely. Twice a day. However, for those with sensitive skin, I would say exfoliating once a week is adequate. Otherwise, skin problems can occur if you over-exfoliate.

  4. walk up 1 step….starts pouring sweat..woooo I'm healthy ooh ya..goes home eat a pint of ice-cream pass out with half eaten ice-cream on stomach…wake up with dried chocolate covering your computer

  5. You give such great advice, actually I feel all of these are so beneficial for both males and females. You explain everything so well and clearly! As an esthetician, I Love a guy that can take care of his own skin! Great video

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