How to Get Clear Skin and Avoid Acne | My Skincare Tips and Tricks

by admin April 17, 2016 at 3:32 am

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  1. u are just an amzing person ..i have seen ur many videos..
    i have many acens on my face but know they are gone but left some spots on my face any tip..for clearing them and any other skin tips

  2. you have good tips.
    if you drink green tea its good for your skin then when you finish rip the green tea bag open and put it in a cup and add a cup of honey then apply to your face and neck for 10 minutes it cleans your skin and gives it a glow when you wash it off apply coco butter which keeps your skin nice and soft.
    avoid greasy foods they cause acne and chocolate too.
    sleep early get alot of rest and one more thing i would say is its better to make organic face masks then damage your skin by buying shop ones because you dont know how much chemicals are in there.
    shocking thing is alot of chemicals that is used in american beauty products is banned in britian so i thinks it good to read the ingredients and do a little research on it

  3. Thanks for the tips! And if you could make a video on your skincare routine/recommended products that'd be great! I hope you do and I look forward to it as I am starting to get into taking care of my skin and hair.

  4. i use baby oil to remove my makeup which sounds crazy but it removes EVERYTHING even water proof makeup but since it is gentle enough for a baby, it is really gentle and non harsh on youre skin.

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