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by admin September 26, 2018 at 10:08 pm

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  1. I have severe rosacea redness, bumps, cysts and postules. Some of them look like pimples with a head, but they are red in color and have a small head, and no matter what I do, they simply won’t go away. They are not getting bigger, but certainly not smaller. My doctor has me on Soolantra at bedtime, and Sulfacetamide Sod 10%. The Rosacea stays under control for the redness, and if some pimples appear, they will get smaller. Some of them are like hard cystic that look like they have a hard pus. I’m afraid to break them because I fear more scars. I also had severe acne when I was a child that left me with a lot of scars. Also dealing with very large pores. And sleeping with a CPAP mask being a side sleeper I think makes my pores even bigger. Can you advise on a good foundation, concealer, and something that reduces puffiness and brightens the eyes? Beleive it or not, I’ve used the It Anti Redness, did nothing, tried the Clinique anti redness, did nothing. Now I tried the It eye cream, and I got a pimple on my eyebag! I also get red dots. My doctor says they are red moles. I asked him what I can do about them, and he said “Nothing, a lot of people get them”! I’ve kind of given up on doctors. I tried Rose himps supplements once, and I had a bad reaction, I got stiff muscles and I had to stop. Please help!

  2. Stephanie, thank you for all of the valuable information. I too have rosacea and can relate to everything you are speaking of. I am very happy that I found your channel and will continue to watch your very informative videos. PS, I love your dog!! Reminds me of a dog I had when I was younger.

  3. Thank you thank you thank you! I suffer from adult acne and have tried different dermatologists and products without much success. Probably a nutritional issue i am thinking after seeing this. But lots of good tips to try! Thank you again.

  4. I would love to see a sensitive skin foundation video. I have roscea too. Can't do anything like waxing or threading. I have to be very careful with moisturizers, and tried a few oils but nothing I tolerate yet (no to tea tree oil too). Will investigate your suggestions. Thanks!

  5. Hi Stephanie! What type of doctor was your friend? I think I’d like to contact a doctor to go through that diet. Pretty sure I have a gluten intolerance. I’ve been to an allergist but this particular one told me there’s no blood test for it, which I didn’t think was true. I was thinking of reaching out to a stomach doctor or some sort or a nutritionist/dietitian

  6. Please do a top product video for rosacea!!!!!!! I struggle so bad! My rosacea tends to be more of the tiny pustules and super broken capillaries. I have been struggling to find a good foundation for not just focused areas but for general redness all over. Green correctives have been useless and I don’t like the heavy full coverage makeup, nor the mineral makeup. It makes my pores waaaay more notable. The struggle is real.

  7. Hi I’ve had rosacea since my 20’s and I’m 41 now and just recently delevoped the acne that comes with rosacea, I had a bad flare up in March, I started using metro gel most of it is gone but I still have some small bumps still there it can be covered with makeup, anyway my point is the Dermatologist recommended antibiotics for three months along with the metro gel, what was your experience with the antibiotics? I’m a little on the fence about it

  8. If it helps any – the people I know with rosacea are highly stressed types in general (not because of their skin) and drink alcohol daily. Maybe you started getting this condition when you were going through a stressful time in life? Then the skin gets used to having it.

  9. Thank you so very much for this video. I struggle with cystic acne. Perfect skin until age 37 or 38…I'm going to be 47 in a week. This is some great information and gives me a couple of different things to think about or try besides skincare and creams. I do take spirolactone and although it hasn't been the answer to my acne prayers, I continue to take it because it's been great for my blood pressure (go figure, lol.) I have actually wondered about diet. There's no question mine is hormonal (PCOS), but i am worried about taking too much hormones due to my family history and risks of cancer…but I am trying to figure out steps I can take to try to help my condition as much as possible- minus hormones or accutane. Skincare has been a struggle for me but I do think I've gotten close to finding a collection that works well. I can say you are sooo right about 'acne' skincare…for some, I know it has worked for them, which is great…but inevitably when I use it my sensitive skin goes haywire. Some have worked for a few weeks, maybe a month or two…but it never provides long term results. Gentle is the way to go. I do use a retinoid (not retinol) at night, but I pair that with a gentle, hydrating cream and it seems to work well.

    I honestly felt compelled to type this way too long post (sorry) before looking at your recommendations so you might have mentioned these, but I can't recommend Skinfix enough. It is a Canadian skincare brand sold online at Ulta. They are amazing. The products feel soothing and healing on my skin. I still struggle a bit with my acne, but it does seem to be improving a little. I guess the better way to word it is I'm confident the products aren't making it worse, or causing major flare ups.

    A very gentle but effective sunscreen that is working well for me is from Skin Laundry. Another line sold online only at Ulta. It's $25 or $30 (fairly resonable).

    Again, thanks for the video. Your skin looks amazing. It really does give me hope.

  10. I struggle with mild rosacea and clogged pores. I used to have mild acne with a couple of cysts now and then but after I completely eliminated all dairy and processed foods, I stopped getting underground zits. Still working on clogged pores and redness ! Thanks for this video !

  11. I have recently been told (as an aside) by my dermatologist that I have rosacea, I have always sometimes looked pink lol. Well I panicked yesterday because I had fine red bumps sprinkled over most of my face. I only realized earlier today that it was likely from my first adventure in derma rolling a few days ago. Should I even be doing that?! Thank you for the great video!

  12. Yes, please make a video on your top foundations and primers for sensitive skin!! It would be so appreciated! This video was extremely beneficial and highly appreciated. Thank You!!

  13. I’ve always had redness in my face and acne prone skin. I’m in my late 40s and exploded in cystic acne out of the blue. After many failures I tried Peter Thomas Roth Sulfur Mask. I used it daily for a few weeks but it was almost immediate that I saw a difference. Now I use the mask 3x a week and I haven’t had another breakout. I used OlayProX Acne which was sulfur based until they discontinued it. Also the Rodan&Fields Blemish cleanser has sulfur. For me it looks like sulfur is the key ingredient I also use the PTR AHA/BHA Acne clearing gel as part of my regiment. I recently started using the Dickinson witch hazel toner and its help on my redness. I do feel products with sunscreen promotes my acne. Great video!!

  14. great video!! I have rosacea. I found Prosacea at Walgreens this past month and has helped me a lot. I put it on morning and night. I am anxious to see how it does in the summer time. I first noticed the redness and was diagnosed 8 years ago when I was planning my wedding. The intense stress of the planning caused me to break out all the time. Heat during the summer kills my face. The dermatologist always wants to prescribe high cost creams that I just can't do. This video is great and gives me some things to try

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