How I got Clear Skin | Skincare Tips and Advice

by admin May 15, 2019 at 2:51 am

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  1. Thank you so much for this video! I love that your options are so natural and organic. And your knowledge of why you chose the products was so great to hear! I personally use several of the things you mentioned. I especially love coconut oil! I use it for everything! Question about the camomile tea though…. Do you steep it and use the water? And if so do you make a batch everytime you use it on your face or do you make some and store it for further use?

  2. I am 28 and am STILL struggling with my acne. I am a stay at home Mom of 4 kids, so taking the time to take care of my skin is a serious struggle… I like that you don't stick to one branded beauty regime… as in all products from the same line. I like to do pin up photo shoots as a hobby, and flawless looking skin is a must for that!
    Thank you for this video- it makes it seem like maybe it is possible, after all! I am upping my water intake for sure, and investing in some of the products you suggested. Thanks! <3

  3. Needless to say you are soooo Beautiful !!! and sooo polite !!!
    May i ask …? Could you please recreate the eye make up you have in this video ? It is really beautiful and suits you sooo much !!!
    I send you all my
    Love & Kisses

  4. Sarah, I just love your heart. You have the best personality. Great video and informative. I am going to definitely check out some of these products. I have been using La Fresh lately and I love their products. Your makeup is AMAZING in this video. Tutorial on it? 😉

  5. Brill video il b taking some notes esp on products because I just get caught up at counters where the sales person is like o this b great blah blah blah and whatever stuff is expensive. I know now thanks to u what to look for in products that a lot I have at home already. Love the coconut oil been using that but great tip bout the camomile il try that I take it u use small drop warm water to get whatever out the tea bag and use the tea bag is it. I went to a health food store and was recommended rosehip oil for wrinkles and they've not gone or anything but I'm 35 I really need work on them to help prevent looking really old and I find it is great and like u said prevention is better than cure so anyone who's young no wrinkles use something NOW. I had got a sample of the eye cream from benefit would that suit me or should I look for something with the extra stuff u were saying about for my age

  6. Loved this. please tell me it's not wierd i've written some notes down from it lol. i've been trying to find the right skincare products for myself. and i'm definitely going to start with the under eye creams. i've never really seen the point before but hearing that they can never be youthful again. i need to up my skin care game. Thank you xxx

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