HORMONAL ACNE Q&A | Morning + Evening Skin Care Routines, Accutane, BC + more!

by admin July 19, 2019 at 3:36 am

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  1. Hi Rae! I'm hoping you'll be able to respond to this! My dermatologist also prescribed me Epiduo Forte and I'm noticing now that I am peeling like crazy! Is there a way to manage it so it's not so noticeable? I recently purchased the skinceuticals moisturizer you recommended, coming tomorrow, but is there anything else I can do during the day? It's a bit unsightly! Thanks! I adore you and your videos! I learn so much!

  2. How is chantecaille bio lifting moisturizer diff than the chantecaille Lilly magnolia moisturizer . I'm using the Lilly one and it hasn't caused me breakouts but curious to know how the bio lifting is better

  3. I LOVE the way you speak and put your words together. i could literally listen to you talk all day haha. so eloquent and mature and super classy. (: btw, what career do you do besides youtube?

  4. 29 is young for wrinkles though, I would hope. I'm turning 30 this year and no women in my family would have wrinkles that early. I don't think that's as much of thing for people of African and Asian descent. Though the post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation is pretty awful…bug bites can leave dark marks!

  5. I was on Yaz for a while too!! And I’ve been on Accutane. Blah. The only thing that cured my acne was Spironolactone. Do you have thoughts on that? I’ve had some side effects. Love the vid thank you!!

  6. I have acne from my puberty period, but it wasn't that bad as it was last year. I discovered that I have an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto that attacks my thyroid, it gaves me anxiety, even depression episodes, chronic fatigue. My forehead is clean and has always been free of pimples, but my cheeks, mostly the right one, is looking pretty bad. I have always been an active person, sweat a lot during my workout classes. I also didn't want to try Accutane, my acne isn't the worst that a person can have. I tried the pills for three months, they just gave me big boobs :))) and maybe some extra pounds. I am also on a gluten free diet, try to not eat diary every week, don't eat sweets. My acne it's still severe even with my diet, so I also don't think that it has something to do with how I eat. I try to be less stressed, more happy and I think that helps. Maybe the cortisol level was too high, the body didn't know how to express itself. I think you look very good and I understand you. Only those who have or had acne know how it is to live with it. I see girls of my age ( I'm 27) and they have clear skin, no pimples, no scars, no open pores, but me….That's life, you gotta be your best version of yourself.

  7. Wow! Great video! I wish I knew the side effects of accutane. You mentioned that it changed the DNA of your skin, is there a way to reverse that? What made your sister consider it even knowing these side effects? I think you’re right, accutane did make my skin thicker

  8. Hi Raeview! How long did your birth control pills take to show effect on your skin? I’ve been on the pills for almost a month, but not much progress on my skin.

  9. Okay. I used to watch you a million years ago and I FINALLY FOUND YOU AGAIN. I have only one question to ask…..why aren’t you doing the 7 step Korean skin care. Shishedo is similar. Korean products are amazing.

  10. The Supergoop powder sounds great! I will get that. The SPF on the other hand is problematic…….
    Contains several fragrant plant oils that put skin at risk and could increase the potential for the active ingredients to cause a sensitized reaction. Also,
    Eucalyptus oil is a major source of the irritating fragrance ingredient eugenol.

  11. Birth control pill is the only thing that heals my acne. My problem is much worse than yours. I’ve tried almost everything, and felt so desperate. The first month I took the pills, I didn’t get a single new acne. It’s ridiculous.

  12. Hey Rae! I enjoyed watching your videos even when you think they are super long~ xD
    I know this is a nonrelated question to your content in this video but I really adore your hair! Would you mind letting me know which style is that so I can describe to the hairdresser? Thank you so much! <3

  13. Wow! I thought I had an expensive routine, yours is very expensive!
    I also suffer from hormonal acne and their boil like pimples that take a month to heal and then leave me with a huge crater on my face. I have so much texture and scarring, it really sucks because nothing I do makes it better or go away
    I’m on a Tatcha skincare routine with Drunk Elephant, T Harper as well

  14. This is a super long video but I'm covering all the questions you've had about my skin care routines, how to layer my favorite products with prescription acne topical treatments, birth control and why I'm not on Accutane! Hope you find it helpful xo

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