Glowy Skincare Routine | 5 Skin Enriching Travel Tips | Sanne Vloet

by admin September 26, 2019 at 5:09 am

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  1. Hi Senna, because it is so hard to find a comfortable pillow, could you tell me what kind of pillow you have and where I could buy it? I found a silk pillow from Cosy Earth that is the size of your silk pillow case (20 × 30), but your pillow looks so comfortable. Appreciate it.

  2. Hello Sanne!
    Do you have some advise for oily skin ? I know is not your skin type, but maybe I was wondering if you can give me some solutions

    And thank you for you videos because you are very peaceful and you give me my motivation !

  3. hey, I followed your suggestion on water and a good diet, and I'm also using some of the products you recommended (not the too expensive ones lol). However, I still have some blackheads on my face. They are small but I still want to get rid of them, I wonder how you do it. love your videos, keep the good work.

  4. My tip is to wear the sheet mask on the plane itself! It protects your skin from the dry, re-circulated air, keeps it moist and fresh so it never dries out in the first place 🙂 Once you're finished, just take the mask of and leave the liquid to absorb into your face naturally, protecting your skin throughout the rest of your journey!

    Also, try Korean sheet masks! They are the champions of skincare.

  5. Can we please talk truth?!

    No ice baths. Why shock your skin? What wrong has it done to you? Extremes are just extreme.
    Medicine cannot find ice bath does nothing for your skin. It doesn't circulate the blood any faster. It may make you pass out though! Good luck hitting your head on the faucet. But ouch! Take a lukewarm water shower.

    In short elixirs and serums are in short–BS!!!!!!!–It's expensive moisturizers.

    No evidence of consuming collagen improve your current collagen health/level. It does nothing the medical community can swear to in terms of "improving" ANYTHING!

    Sadly you can’t anti-age. If you could those product developers would be a richer than God!

    Antioxidants really just aren’t that stable in topical forms as far as their antioxidant activity like their ability to scavenge free radicals. There are thousands of cosmetic products: serums, medical-grade skincare–all the same nonsense that touts antioxidants–are frequently not functional in the product. You are just buying expensive moisturizer and/or sunscreen.

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