Get ready with me! Makeup and skincare for women over 40 and 50.

by admin June 10, 2019 at 3:06 am

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  1. you two are fabulous! I love your energy and smiling faces. I am (only) 37, but haven't changed my makeup routine since my mid 20s. I've gone through a phase of life where I hardly ever wore makeup at all. But I have developed a few red spots/burst capillaries, so am learning how to conceal those when I want to look fresher. it's those thin Scottish skin genes. learning from you how to cover with high pigmented products but applying them sparingly. tricky when I have a burst capillary right under the eye and thin under eye area with blue and red hues. I love my wrinkles but dont want to over-accentuate them with concealer gathering in them. So it's mainly the under eye area that I am having difficulty with now more than before. The squinting technique is great. Haven't quite got it right yet. Anyways, I'm rambling. Love watching you two. I am rediscovering a girly/playful side of myself using makeup again.

  2. Hi you two, loving all your videos, learning a ton and enjoying you both as a team so much! One observation from this art teacher is I'd love to SEE up close and for a good, 3-4 seconds once Joseph has worked his magic for color and position of makeup. The camera is not really showing detail. Upgrade camera because this team tutelage is a GO! Great job you GUYS! Thumbs UP! <3

  3. Gorgeous… interested to see that Joseph did not put the blush high up, and put it full on the apple of your cheeks, I have been told to put blush a bit higher up now as I age ( gracefully) !

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