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  1. Hello there.. i adore your channel. Its so straight forward! I have been a victim too of trying every new skin care, even the 12 step skin care at one time but realized that the products i have used for 20 years ( Retin-A, a basic Cerave moisturizer, 5% Vitamin C and sunscreen) are what worked the best. I also use a washcloth ( a new one everyday) to exfoliate my skin! Love your channel and approach to skim care.

  2. Cody I just found your channel you have such good information!! I have moved to a new state and the climate is so different from where I am from and it is so drying to my skin. I am 62 years young and look 20 years younger. But I am sure seeing a difference in my skin!!!!! Now that it is winter. So dry now my skin is showing its age!!!!

  3. Hi Cody! Great timing for this video. I just got done doing my first 10% TCA peel! I was grateful for your chemical peel video which I re-watched before getting underway. I appreciate the less is more attitude when it comes to products and appliances, etc. I am guilty as charged! I try it all, but truth is I learned my skin is so much better when I simplify. Also my Clairsonic stays in the drawer. It is so irritating to me even with the "sensitive skin" brush. I get much better results with a mild chemical exfoliant used daily. Thanks for keeping it real! 🙂

  4. Excellent video so many great tips thank you Krystal and Cody! Love how you tell it like it is and we can trust what you say. Can tell you care more than anything. At least I know I am on track with my skin. I use what is necessary but I don't go overboard either. Love you guys xxoo

  5. I’ve been using Retin-A for about three weeks now but I noticed that I have burn marks on my cheeks . Also , it is making my dark marks darker . Is this normal ? Should I stop using it ?

  6. Im oily and acne-prone. I stopped using the Salicylic acid 2% of neutrogena because it dried me out. So im currently using a gentle cleanser and my tretnion 0.1%.

    my question is " Do I need acid for my oily skin? and does salicylic acid thin out your skin"
    If so what acid is gentle and unclog pores ?

  7. Cody, I LOVE all of your videos and information, thank you:) I’m turning 50 in December, and craving a simpler skin care regime, what is REALLY needed and beneficial. A simple, seasonal skin care series would be so great! Social media gets us in trouble financially seeing everything we think we need lol. Love from CT!❤️

  8. Dear Cody, Thank you so much for your pure and very honest heart. It feels so so much!!!!Thank you for your deep undestanding of dermotology! It works!! Cody, you started such a God's blessing into my life. You are part of my heart!………,Because you are so GREAT, You will face with a lot of difficalties on your brilliant way, please, never give up….never. Promise?!) We need you,Cody, we are so hungry to feel your LOVE to us.Thank you for being with me.I wish you all the best . I want you to feel our huge respest and deep LOve to you! …and NEVER GIVE UP!! Love.

  9. Get Crystal a booster seat, she looks so tiny next to you!
    So if I’m using your Vit. C 2x a day and once a week a glycolic cream, then retinol one or nights a week- am I over exfoliating? I’m not concerned about acne, I’m 45 with melasma. So managing that and fighting signs of aging are my focus.

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