Everything You Need To Know About Facial Toners

by admin September 6, 2019 at 4:53 am

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  1. If you use a toner, just brew some matcha green tea sachet and then take it after it cooled and just pore it
    in a travel spray bottle or just a travel bottle. Store it in the fridge and use it twice a day. It is amazing and
    really works. Toner in the fridge will last you for 2 weeks. Just discard it when the 2 weeks are up and brew
    some more. Just drink the leftover tea that can't fit in the travel bottle. The best is the ones from Japan.
    Why buy toner when you can use something as great as Matcha green tea or just plain green organic tea
    would be great

  2. I have diy masks where it looks like a pill and you put whatever u want in it and it puffs out like a tissue and you put it on your face, can I put my green tea toner into the mask so I can use it as a mask instead of applying it with a cotton or with my hand? Or is that too much of the toner on my face?

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