Collagen for Women | Skin, Hair and Nail Health | Fight Stretch Marks and Wrinkles- Thomas DeLauer

by admin October 12, 2019 at 5:05 am

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  1. Sorry for getting personal but, OMG! Thomas, you have saved my life, For real! I have always been so constipated I mean really bad, I went maybe once every week if that! And since I started taking my collegen I ordered after seeing this video, I go every day! Thank you so much. I did order the Sunwarrior. Again thank you I didn't even know this would help. Wow I'm on my second can.

  2. hey Thomas, I m French sorry for my bad American language, so …
    I m in keto diet , when should I Take collagen? before or after my workout? Or in my day with my coffee? I m afraid for my glycemic, I don't want to raise my blood sugar. see you later . aline from France

  3. I'm actually really curious a lot of collagen supplements say things like Type 1, II, III and then some talk about bovine, while others are marine. Then you've got most of the actual research backing Verisol, fortibone, fortigel collagens. So It'd be amazing to hear your take on which collagens are alike, which ones to avoid, and which ones to take.

  4. I wish you would have spent the extra 3 to 5 min, detailing the food option, with what to eat and when to eat it. You just wrapped up the food option quickly at the end.

    Also you did not talk about collagen pills and the most effective brand or effective way to take them.

  5. Love the video! More videos geared towards women would be great! Women’s bodies are different than a man’s, and has different needs. I’m glad to see you recognize the difference and you provide knowledgeable information on these differences.

  6. Hey Thomas!! I see the link for the product but I don’t see a discount code. Can you share it for me please? Thanks for the videos!! Just started Tuesday. Excited to try this brand!

  7. Awesome. I need to re-up, may help alleviate some things. I also take Super Silica, Positive Power Nutritionals on occasion. It's something someone advised, but I don't believe I was aware the conjunction facilitation.

  8. Please do more of these. I'm obsessed with fasting and skin care, and would love more of your fasting videos that get into how it effects women in particular. Even some videos on vegan diet/keto diets and their longterm effects on women. I know some vegans whose skin started to suffer early and women on keto losing hair etc.

  9. Thank you Thomas. You've been a great help. I've identified what supplements I need. Can you do a video on when is best to take these supplements. As in, only at night or morning? After meals or before? Or can all the supplements be taken all at once. I'm currently taking magnesium and omega 3 supplements. Been looking for collagen that is either halal or vegan. I'll try the one you recommended here. Looking forward to more vids from you! Thank you in advance!

  10. Thomas thank you so much for this video! I am taking way too many supplements (or I think I am). I take omega3 and zinc and D3 during the day and Magnesium and Iron at night. Can I still implement collagen and biotin in my daily diet? If I do it every other day will it have the same effects? Thank you!

  11. I make a bone broth with chicken thighs and chicken feet. I am right to believe that there is lots of collagen in the feet, and this would be a better source than a pill or supplement?

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