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  1. Hi, my love! Hope you’re doing good.
    Just here to let you know that it is NOT okay to use a derma roller on an acne prone skin, derma roller is great for scars and acne marks as it destroys the old skin and repairs it in a way that you get new healthy skin with time. It has done wonders for me, I used to have really bad acne, it took me about 2 years to treat my acne and now I am working on the minimal scars and marks using a derma roller and all the medicines that my dermatologist recommended. If you’re using it on an acne prone skin or active acne, it’s gonna destroy the cells in a way that all the dirt will come out and settle down on the pores hence making your skin really bad and they’re is a high change of getting intense breakouts after that, dermaroller on active acne is a big NO. Lots of love!❤️❤️

  2. Hey Anushae! I've started using safi on your recommendation. Ordered derma roller and stuff too. Just a question. Does safi cause you to break out? I've an event coming up in 5 days if it does make you break out I'll use it after the event.

  3. Anushey there are 3 sizes available for micro needle derma roller can you guide me that for what purpose are these sizes for…and second question is that they claim that it also helps in stimulating hair growth …wouldnt it grow extra hairs on face…kindly guide me regarding both of these questions.thankyou

  4. Much needed video Anushae special motivates me lol as m sooooo lazy n i do not try anything n still wish a flawless skin like yours haha
    Yaaar it should be long it is so short whyyyyyyy?????????

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