Body Care Routine | Get Rid of Body Acne & Dry Skin | Showering, Vagina Care & Hair Removal

by admin May 14, 2019 at 2:21 am

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  1. Hey ya'll! Today I'll show you how to get clear skin with my showering and shaving routine. Check it out! Will you give any my tips a try? What videos do you want to see from me in the new year? Don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe. It's FREE.

  2. But, I'm a true believer in using the coconut oil all over the body….. to me, coconut oil is a wonderful gift of God to us… I don't use anything else during my shower except coconut oil… sometimes, I mix some sugar with it and then, rub this mixture throughout my body… I swear, it's superb! it's a good cleanser, a good exfoliator and on top of that, a good moisturizer…… I'm really happy….. I have used many kinds of oil on my body but finally, I'm fixed in coconut oil…. I'm into it. as an outcome, my skin is worth the jealous now…

  3. Began this routine in January (swapped a few products for what I had available) it took a few months but my body acne is completely gone.. Thank you! This really works but consistency is key!

  4. I just so happened to find your page tonight searching for pampering videos and I’m IN LOVE! Will definitely be subscribing and turning on the notification bell. ✨

  5. Alright Soror Nina. I finally purchased my Vanity Planet Body Brush. Thank you so much. I didn’t read carefully and just noticed today how you hooked us up with a 70% discount. Thank you so much. I really love and enjoy all your videos. Please keep them coming. You are a blessing!

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