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  1. Hi , how often do you rotate your moisturizers ? I have heard so many different sides to this . I have quite a few and I want to use them before they expire and get maximum benefits from each one as well . Please advise . Thank you

  2. Would you still do them in that order if your hyaluronic was a water based and the anti oxidant is more of a milky serum? I have the ordinary hyaluronic and Superdrug vitamin e antioxidants x

  3. not a huge fan of hada labo, if I am being honest, these products have been available where I live (Poland) for a while, I was curious at first, but I found them to be mediocre…

  4. So lovely to see Emma again. And HOW GORGEOUS is she without makeup??? Skin to die for, as do you Nadine xxx Thanks so much for simplifying this for us. I had got lost along the marketing way without realizing it.

  5. Really interesting and such a nice lady. Wanted to work in beauty on a magazine but ended up as a spa therapist. Constantly looking for ways to talk to clients about skincare in a way that isn't heavy sales oriented more to help them get the best for themselves.

  6. Sweet Nadine can you please explain how can I use serums (antioxidant, anti-aging,repairing)on my super sensitive skin?I really want to change my skin care routine to serums in the right order!I’m 40 !Please help!

  7. Yaaaay, love it. Hey, I was sniffing through the deciem website and saw a few interesting things from their body series, the "chemistry" brand. It looked like the sorts of things you might like, would you consider doing a review on the brand?

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