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by admin August 4, 2019 at 4:16 am

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  1. Hello friend! I enjoyed you volg so much funny thing is that I dont enjoy dal much either but I make it once in a blue moon as I do appreciate it once in a while! Regarding the green hot peppers OMG they spoil so fast. Perhaps freeze them or take then out from the original packaging and seal them into a container where they can breath more just like Dhaneya- just like fresh coriander. Cilantro. I love your DM replies. Amazing love. I am not on IG 24 hours but I am on there more then my other social media platforms. I agree. I love it when you connect with me. Your a beautiful person from inside out and that is why people approach you love. Happy Canada Day. I agree that I love the cream as well. Huda Beauty on her blog recommended a new body cream that I will try. Pixi Beauty is amazing!!! I won the BUM BUM cream in a $700.00 international giveaway. the lip balm to is so good and smells delicious. Love your vlogs.

  2. Hi swati
    Remove the green chilly stems wash them and dry them completely n put them in zip lock bag and freeze
    I like in tornoto I do the same thing dey remain fresh when u use dem

  3. I'm one of your long time followers who speaks English. I know I'm in the minority so I understand if you're doing what you're most comfortable with by speaking in your language. Happy to see you and your family even though I don't understand most of what you're saying. All the best!

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