6 Skincare Secrets Only Experts Use (That You Don’t!)

by admin November 8, 2018 at 11:15 pm

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  1. When i woke up I wash my face using ‘PONDS’ and “Facial Wash, Whitening Vita’.
    After i washed my face im going to put moisturizer and a lip balm ‘Med Repair’ from Nivea.
    And on the afternoon i just rinse my face and put:
    -Skin Whitening Exfoliator (Exfoliate and lighten dark spots)
    -whitening Pack (Peel-off mask)
    – The Nose Pack (whiteheads & blackheads remover)
    On the evening i wash my face with Ponds and put:
    -Vitamin Sleeping Gel Mask ( Skin Vitamin Nourishment)

    All of my Facemasks are made from Korea. The brand of all of my Facemasks is ‘iWhite Korea r’
    It really helps my face soo much!

  2. My dermatologist only gave me things that made my skin really dry (I have really oily skin) and irritated. I stopped going and changed my skincare routine and my skin looks amazing and Really moisturized but not oily. I changed it using oils and moisturizer and not using anything made for acne and also I just started using sheet masks

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