5 Tips for Young Looking Healthy Skin

by admin August 5, 2017 at 9:26 pm

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  3. My oh my, this is a commercial for Olay products. Which I wouldn't have minded clicking on, had I know that it was, indeed, an paid for advertisement. Don't like feeling like I've been fooled into watching an AD. You should have labeled this as an AD more clearly. Love you tutorials, and other types of chatty vids, and wouldn't mind watching a paid for video featuring Olay 'cause I like their products, but hate clicking on a video thinking it's gonna be one thing (going just off the title) and then it turns out to be a paid for promotional video.

  4. Don't smoke, don't tan, limit alcohol, use sunscreen, eat healthy, have good genetics. That's how you get your skin to stay youthful. Using all these products makes no difference

  5. I swear by Vitamin E oil. I slather a lot on all over my face before I go to bed at night (put a towel over your pillow or things could get messy, lol) and wash off the excess in the morning. My skin always looks so radiant and youthful afterward.

  6. you should mention that you've gotten laser resurfacing several times too – not everyone watching this will know that, and it's slightly disingenuous not to mention it. I'm sure that is a strong part of what keeps your skin looking young.

  7. I'm super fair, so I've gotten some bad sunburns over the years. The damage is done, but I've used Retin-A for years to mitigate this a bit. It's great for both acne and fine lines. It's very drying and causes my skin to flake, so I only use it every second or third night.

  8. I found the best product that made a huge difference to the look of my skin is…Neutrogena's Anti-wrinkle Retinol Serum. It has just enough retinol to improve the look of skin, but not too much as to cause a reaction on most people.

    Also vitamin C serums have faded my skin discolorations. Cheers.

  9. I apply my sunscreen then wait 15 minutes then apply foundation but I find that the foundation looks so bad on me after I've used sunscreen, it's splotchy and just looks so bad. It also doesn't matter how I apply it, sponge or brush, it's the same. I'd appreciate any advice? Love G xox

  10. I would add getting regular facials. My mom got me into doing facials in my mid 20s. I went from getting them every other month to now getting them monthly since turning 36. I get asked for my ID all the time, so I think it's working. 🙂 I agree with tip #5 especially! I was eating super clean and started eating sugar here and there on vacation and my skin automatically reacted. Lastly, when you say drink plenty of water…that really can't be over emphasized enough. My doctor told me I need to be drinking at least two liters a day!

  11. CONGRATS FOR BEING OFF THE CIGS FOR TWO YEARS SHARON!!!!!!!!! Yes that deserved all caps! 🙂 I'm off them now 5 months so I know how hard it is to give them up and stay off them. Have you any tips to pass on to stay off them?
    BTW you look absolutely radiant!!!

  12. Sadly, Olay products do not work for me.  I much prefer Paula's Choice – I've been using them since the early 2000s (at least) and love that they're fragrance- and cruelty-free.  Plus their customer service and shipping speed are phenomenal.

  13. i was doing almost like you sharon! and yes! exercise is a key!! i'm really glad i do that!!..i take a supplement,nutrition clean food and detox also help for healthy skin too!! xo

  14. Something I've definitely come to learn is that no product replaces a healthy diet, hydration, and exercise! Especially if you have thyroid issues- your skin suffers massively. Managing my health has completely turned my skin around.

  15. The real 5 tips 😉
    1. Be 30 or under
    2. Have amazing lighting
    3. Time to spend on perfecting your foundation, highlighter and concealer
    4. Looking at makeup through a camera is much much different than real life in the daylight
    5. Good genes always help!

  16. I would like to congratulate you on you makeup foundation routine. Love the tips for the skin care, but I meant to congratulate you for a while. you are one of the fewest gurus that don't go crazy with concealer and foundation. I have seen people so young going concealer crazer lokking like a rubber doll. I'm a super fan of natural skin, I use only what I need to, if you don't need that much concealer, why in hell people apply all over their faces! anyway, those are my thoughts and I really like to congratulate you to biuld really beautiful natural skin look like!
    Love you lots!
    Xoxo from Brazil!

  17. Oooohh!Please post a makeup tutorial for the look you have on!!!!It looks gorgeous!And also, if I recall correctly you have oily skin right?How do you manage to get all these products on your skin (esp. moisturiser AND sunscreen) and have your foundation stay on for the day? :/

  18. I've been using the roc nighttime treatment in sensitive formula for years and truly think that it's helped. my biggest issue are fine lines around my eyes. I use sheseido eye cream in the and a retinol cream at night and I feel like they are just getting worse. any tips?

  19. i agree with all of these…they all work for me…noone ever thinks im 33 & these are some of the things i do too 🙂 yes sharon you've been glowing…maybe u have other post wedding news for us soon also 😉

  20. You are always sooo beautiful. I love your videos. They are really helpful. BTW, what products are you wearing on your face? Your skin looks so youthful and glowing. Maybe you could do a tutorial on base makeup (moisturiser, primer, foundation, concealer and powder), please xx

  21. Sharon I am a huge fan of yours and really trust your opinion. However, there is something about this video that bothers me. Is this a sponsored video?I don't mind if it is but could you make it clear so that your followers can take that into account should they wish to try the products that you are recommending. Also how long have you been using the products for? How long before you noticed a difference in your skin? Did you use these specific products only or did you use them in conjunction with other products? I know in a previous skincare video you showed us some Alpha H and Paula's Choice products that you were using. Are you still using any of these? Are theses products from Olay suitable for all skin types in your opinion? I feel if you are going to recommend an entire range you need to give details of a fair and proper trial that was carried out over a certain lenght of time. I hope you won't be offended by my comments. I'm trying to be constructive.

  22. Sharon, I am such a huge fan of yours and have been for a long time, but I have to tell you I'm really kinda disappointed in this video. I felt like I just wasted 8 minutes of my life watching one long Oil of Olay commercial. I understand that a girls gotta make a dollar, but this was so obviously all about peddling a product. I really debated on whether or not to say anything, but finally decided that because I am such a fan of yours I owed it to both of us. Just a thought from a long term subscriber. You are so much better than this. I trust you, please don't try and sell me things. Just give me your thoughts, expertise, and insight. That's why I watch.

  23. I think Charlotte Tilbury also does the freckle thing on Kate Moss if I remember correctly. And I think I remember this story that she told on one of her videos where she drew the freckles on Heidi Klum, as she usually did on Kate Moss, and Heidi complained saying that she was drawing sun damage on her skin, lol. Oh, and I think she called the pencil she used for the freckles the 'youth stick' or something like that. I wish I could remember what video it was!


    Found one of the videos! It was an appearance of Charlotte Tilbury on a Lisa Eldrige video https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=30&v=vKsJv0E7hgQ

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