5 Secrets for Youthful Skin to Look 5 Years Younger (ft. Beauty Within)

by admin July 11, 2019 at 3:51 am

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  1. I need advice! Why is lukewarm water always recommended and not cold water? Is there knowledge behind this? … because I've always used cold water and since I've been using lukewarm water my acne is so much better …

  2. Ok so I am 45 year old black woman I drink a lot of water but I do have dry skin but I don't look 45 I look younger. My skin care was once a week clean my face with rubbing alcohol after I clean it and then put Coco butter lotion on my face. I just started the wish trend skin but only once a week

  3. Eunice unnie ,i need your!
    My skin is oily and acne porne,this summer i got pimples on my forehead,they are painful,i never get these type of pimples and they are a bit large than normal ones.And the secretion is also too much! I wanted to use a face wash but what kind of, can you suggest? Will a toner be a help?

  4. When I saw you guys doing the movements with your mouths and headsat the end of the video, I was doing the same thing without realising it at first. Great video!

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