5 Basic Skincare Rules

by admin March 8, 2016 at 4:29 am

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  1. I've been told not to put any water based creams/anything on my skin before going outside because it's so below freezing point…so that means no sunscreen. Sometimes, it can be really bright outside with the sun and snow. What do you recommend? Are there any sun protective products that are not waterbased? I usually just wear this weird water free vaseline on my face, but I don't think that will protect my face from the sun.

  2. +Asian Beauty Secrets Well, actually i don't know what products need I must use becoz my face is combination.. I hope you can make another video for this one, that is special for the combination skin..

  3. The best cleanser is the one with alkali ph level because sweat is acidic and by doing this you are balancing your skin ph level. However, you have to make sure your moisturiser is acidic.

  4. also i have a question thats been in my mind for long … i usually am in door like i dont go out much .. do i have to use protection like sunscreen and all even if am in the house … ?! or can i pass.. cuz i heard some ppl say .. the house lights effects ur skin just like the sun does..

  5. I'm starting off with this stuff and I really don't know anything, so I have a few dumb questions.
    Do you just layer everything?
    I've heard that you do, except that you wash off the cleansers. Is that correct?
    Then, do you put the makeup on top of it? I'm wondering if it's too many products for your skin if you also put makeup on.

  6. It's weird because my skin feels pretty dry, but I still have pimples. So if I use a dry skin moisturisor it's probably not good because it increases my pimples..?

  7. I clean first with a cleanser, once a week expoloiting or something and than I put moistriser. It is more importent what you eat. If you don't take care of your DNA than forget all these routines. Think about smoothies, it gave me a very shiney skin. Make green smoothie, make sure you ads one or two spring onion. Don't eat too much, it will become toxic to your body. Chaneg regulary the ingrediients.

  8. making the youthful people, the 10 steps korea skin care or is only for adults. if so what do they do then the skin. and if what korean skin routine is not really good for young people? thanks for the hard work <3

  9. this video is very informative and i am now upping my exfoliation game to 2x a week. i have done all 5 steps for as long as i can remember with drug store products. but i've missed the neck for years! i was wondering when you moisturize, do you spread the product across fingers and palms and pat on to face gently? or do you apply to finger tips and gently rub in?

  10. My nose, chin and forehead are very oily but my cheeks are very dry. It's really annoying bc if I put on a mask for dry skin my cheeks will pretty much shrivel up and die but if I put on a moisturizing mask my nose, chin and forehead will be way too oily.

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