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  1. Good morning Khichi. Sorry Khichi, yesterday night, I terribly fell ill n had to rush to hospital. I am fine now and seeing your Sunday Chit chat now.
    Very descriptive way to say how to boost collagen. Khichi, why don't u make a video on derma roller. I have been on research of Derma roller and tried on one of my patients who has acne scars left behind. She is recovering. Hence, I am thinking, why u don't try this one. I know it's dangerous but I purchased one for this girl in early twenties, and after 6 months, lot of difference is there but under my monitoring only.
    The skin is coming in plain level with the cheek skin.
    Just an advice Khichi. Pls don't misunderstand me bcoz derma rolling too boost collagen level and it can benefit people Suffering from fine lines, wrinkles and dermatitis too.
    Be blessed dear.
    I don't get any response when I post new remedies on Khichi Beauty club from you. I think, I am very regular in it n keep on posting my research work which, I ultimately completed after 10 yrs.
    Thank u so much Khichi.
    Thanks for making me a part of your club. Many have benefited from Ur remedies n still are getting well. Thank you on behalf of everyone.
    God bless you.
    Dr. Sony.

  2. Dear KB, Helene is right. You look simply lovely – your skin is looking bright and fresh. Thanks to you, I've started blending my own Vitamin C. Source: dried orange skin/peel; still eating my oranges in the morning!

  3. Nothing takes my eye bags away from severe allergies. I’ve tried the videos I’ve seen that you’ve put out. Any videos for severe problems due to allergies?

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