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by admin August 14, 2017 at 9:45 pm

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  1. Great video. im 42 and im using 9 steps now. two for cleanse , thermal water, toner,serum, eye cream, emulsion,firmin cream and the mizon black snail, wich i love. could you please recomed some sulwhasoo products to tried

  2. I am right there in with ya, girl! I am 58 and follow the Korean 10 step routine, too.. it is divine and the pay off is terrific 😉 When I want my best skin, I do both a leave-on for 20 minute mask from Andalou (the rose one is glorious) and then a sheet mask.. I do not have words for how good my skin looks and feels after doing this.. for many hours, in fact.. btw,, I do a sheet mask every single morning 🙂 It really gives my skin such an amazing glow. You are lovely and have really nice skin.. thanks for the video!

  3. I recently Subsribed to your channel Viv……. You are soooo knowlegeable & spunky !!!!And seem to really truly enjoy doing this! Keep on , and thank you.

  4. You look very sad! Cheer up! I love your videos.

    I'm using the 10 steps Korean Skincare since one year and it worked pretty well for me, my skin improved alot, I'm mainly using Coserx products since I have Oily skin with a visible pores.

    1. Oil based Cleanser: (heimish/all clean balm) evening only.
    2. Foam Cleanser: (COSRX/low ph good morning gel cleanser) morning time and (sum37/miracle rose cleansing stick) evening time.
    3. Toner: (COSRX/AHA-BHA clarifying treatment toner) morning time and (COSRX/one step pimple clear pad) evening time.
    4. Emulsion: (COSRX/natural BHA skin returning emulsion) morning time.
    5. Serum: (COSRX/summer pore minish serum) evening time.
    6. Essence: (COSRX/advanced snail 96 mucin power essence) morning and evening time.
    7. Eye Cream: (Missha/MISA geum sul vitalizing eye cream) morning and evening time.
    8. Cream: (COSRX/advanced snail 92 all in one cream) evening time.
    9. Sun Cream: (COSRX/Aloe soothing sun cream) morning time.
    10. Masks: Mask sheets depends on my skin situation and (COSRX/ultimate moisturizing honey overnight mask) evening twice a week last skin care step

    For your future videos I suggest to make some (reviews/tries/hauls) on the recent kbeauty (skin care/makeup) products and trends.

    Thank You!

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